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15 Jun

Need a new toilet?

Who knew there were so many different types of toilets ….. Have you thought about upgrading your bathroom or cloakroom lately? Well one of the essential items for these rooms are the toilets.  We often take them for granted but they are a necessity and maybe you didn’t realise there was so much choice out

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08 Jun

Choosing a new boiler

What to consider when choosing a boiler …. At some point in our lives most of us will have to make a decision about replacing our boiler, how do you go about it? Choosing from the wide range of brands on the market is not easy, the choice is endless and can be quite daunting

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17 May

Recommendations for a plumber

When recommended a tradesperson … It has been said over the years that the economy always slows down when it’s an election year, how true that is, it’s really hard to say. We at Watertite here in Bristol offer a service to our customers that generally isn’t or shouldn’t be affected by the economy or

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09 May

Guide to starting your home improvement project

What you should do …. Not everyone is organised enough to realise that when you start a project, like a new bathroom or kitchen, either on your own or with a trades person, organisation is key. Once you’ve started the project it’s too late to make changes, especially if you have trades people on site

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02 May

Plumbing & Heating Regulations

Did you know? …… The plumbing and heating industries are the most regulated trades of the construction industry and for those cowboys out there that do not comply with current building regulations, they are not only putting lives at risk but it can seriously impact on their businesses. Believe it or not, a bathroom is

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11 Apr

How to check a tradespersons credentials

Do you check your chosen tradesperson’s credentials? ….. How much importance do you place on the credentials of the person you have asked to repair your boiler or your fridge? In today’s extremely competitive marketplace, picking the right repair specialist or tradesperson here in Bristol can be very confusing and often it’s worthwhile checking out

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03 Apr

Do I Need a Plumber? Guide to Calling Out a Plumber

I’m sure that anyone who’s been stuck in a situation with a blocked toilet or burst pipe, looks at plumbers like the heroes they can be. However, it isn’t all capes and spandex, plumbers do a number of domestic and commercial jobs; from unclogging drains to maintaining numerous types of piping systems found across waste

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28 Mar

What to do with a leaking boiler

Would you know what to do if you discovered your boiler was leaking?  ….. Do we always know what to do when we have a problem?  No, is the simple answer to that question.  Unless you are lucky enough to have Mr D.I.Y in the family or an engineer who has an analytical brain, it’s

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21 Mar

Moving to Bristol and need a tradesperson?

When moving to a new city or town, how do you find the right tradesperson? …… For all of us moving to a new city or town, it can take a long time to build a contact list of your local tradespeople.  How would you go about finding the right person for the job? In

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14 Mar

How to choose the right mirror for your bathroom

When it comes to choosing the right mirror for your bathroom…. Do we ever really know what we need or want?  It’s a question we all ask ourselves quite often if the truth be told.  When it comes to choosing that all important extra piece of decoration for our bathroom – how to do you

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