Monthly Archives: August 2015

27 Aug

When to call a plumber

When to call in the professionals! …………The most well known of all plumbers ………..   What’s that smell? …. Bad odours or your plumbing …… Bad odours coming from your plumbing outlets are certainly unwelcome, embarrassing and is often something most of us don’t really know how to deal with. It is definitely something you

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20 Aug

Household tips to keep your home running smoothly

There are lots of ways we can all do our bit to make life easier and help your local plumber out! Our grandmothers definitely knew their stuff, some of the old fashioned remedies they used before the introduction of every imaginable household appliance were the best and still work well today! ………. Nothing cleans your

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13 Aug

All hands on deck

A week or so ago, it was all hands on deck to finish a project here at Watertite. Even Huxley, our director’s 2 year old son helped out. We even have a video of him painting with a roller no less. He looks so cute and he is even wearing his Watertite T shirt! During

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06 Aug

Continuing the GREEN conversation!

Whether you call it ‘Smart Plumbing’ or ‘Green Plumbing’, the reduction of water through high efficiency technology, not only makes sense but is a MUST HAVE for the future. In last weeks’ daily tips, we offered a number of ideas on how we can all do our bit to conserve water and reduce energy costs

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