Monthly Archives: January 2016

28 Jan

Answers to your questions!

A number of people out there have been responding to some of our past blogs and asking questions about the issues we have raised……. Something that seems to affect a lot of people out there is a build up of limescale…… not just in the Bristol area, someone from Scotland has commented that although their

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21 Jan

An exciting project nearing completion!

Watertite engineers have been working on an exciting project in Southampton for the last few months for one of Bristol’s most popular eateries, who are opening another exciting outlet of bovine gastronomy! The team of engineers working on this project have had the added benefit of staying in one of Southampton’s finest establishments, who provide

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14 Jan

How will 2016 shape up for you?

Well 2016 has started off with a bang for Watertite!  We have had one of our busiest weeks on record and this situation is set to continue for the foreseeable future …. we hope! Although there are signs out there of a tanking global economy, at the moment there are no significant reasons to be

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07 Jan

A New Year, A New You?

A Happy New Year to all our customers out there.  We hope you have had a warm and dry Christmas and New Year and are slowly managing to get back to some sense of normalcy? We at Watertite have jumped straight back into the fray and are making sure all our customers are getting the

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04 Jan

How To Unblock a Toilet

A blocked toilet can make for a sticky situation, especially for those who don’t know how to unblock it. Keep yourself out of trouble by knowing ahead of time how to smoothly unblock a toilet. When a toilet suddenly won’t flush, it is most likely clogged, meaning there is something stuck in the trapway that

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