Monthly Archives: February 2016

25 Feb

What would you do?…..

How would you cope if you didn’t have access to a toilet?   This is a question that Bill and Melinda Gates have asked over and over again…. Did you know that back in 2011 the Gates Foundation launched a challenge to improve and save lives around the world by developing the next generation of toilets.

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18 Feb

The good, the bad and the downright dangerous!

The good, the bad and the ugly!Every month, Watertite receive a number of trade periodicals and some of them have pages detailing bad workmanship, dangerous works and some really ugly installations that the old nugget, the ‘Cowboy Tradesman’ has carried out.   We are a highly regulated industry and quite rightly so, we have just

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11 Feb

Commercial plumbing solutions continued…

So for us here at Watertite Plumbing and Heating in Bristol it is imperative that we are aware of the latest advances in technology to put us one step ahead of the competition and are able to offer our customers the very best service their hard earned money can buy and have the knowledge of the

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04 Feb

Commercial plumbing and boiler solutions?

Watertite plumbing have for some time now carried out light commercial plumbing and boiler work for a number of customers.  The term ‘Light Commercial‘ covers a range of installations from retail outlets, leisure centres, offices, pubs and restaurants to schools, medical centres and even churches!   This is just an example of the type installation

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