Monthly Archives: April 2016

28 Apr

A day in the life …..

How the average plumber spends his day! It won’t be what you think that’s for sure!  No two days are very rarely ever the same for our engineers and plumbers in Bristol. Most mornings, start in the office by 8.00am, where any queries or concerns about that day’s appointments are discussed and resolved.  Parts are

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21 Apr

Let me tell you a story …..

Would you believe it?! …. Every week, we struggle about what to write on our weekly blog and social media sites!  It can be extremely difficult to make plumbing exciting, interesting and sexy to read about all the time! So this week we have decided to relay some funny incidents that have happened to our

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14 Apr

Spring Clean & Detox!

Spring has finally sprung and now is traditionally the time when we all take a good look around our homes and realise we need to do some serious Spring cleaning!   With the Winter chills finally departing, it’s time to open your doors and windows to bring in some fresh air to circulate around the

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07 Apr

How to unblock a drain….

Would you know what to do? ….   It’s something we all have to endure at some point in our lives!  What to do if you have a blocked drain …. Do you call in a professional or have a go yourself?  It’s really important to think clearly and not do anything that will cause

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