Monthly Archives: May 2016

31 May

A new month, a new format!

Our blog last week asked you what you thought about our decision to change our format and social media strategy….. So today is the first post of hopefully many to follow on all manner of topics, some with plumbing relevance and some maybe not but we hope you enjoy them whatever the topic! In the

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26 May

Do we, don’t we?

Every week we struggle to decide on what to write about in our weekly blog! It’s not an easy subject …. How do you make plumbing and heating interesting, enjoyable or informative? Over the last year we must have covered just about every topic imaginable and some not so imaginable to do with plumbing and

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19 May

Book your annual boiler service

An annual boiler service should be seen as essential household expenditure every year. We need to look at it the same way as we do our cars, where a regular service and MOT is budgeted for regardless of how well it may be performing at the time. Most of us anticipate that there will be

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12 May

Cracking on with those little jobs …..

What’s that noise? ….. The sound of a dripping tap or a knocking radiator can be very annoying and it’s surely a sign that you are in need of some maintenance. Most people put off sorting out these issues believing they are not urgent and hopefully they will sort themselves out! ┬áIt’s always best to

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05 May

The latest news at Watertite …..

Watertite News round …… This last week has seen a new addition to the team here at Watertite, Ewan has joined us as an apprentice and we can’t be happier, he has settled in well and proven himself to be diligent, hard working and a pleasure to have around! For someone so young, he came

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