Monthly Archives: June 2016

28 Jun

Does your bathroom suffer with moisture and condensation

In most bathrooms, there is bound to be an element of moisture and condensation but it all depends on how you deal with it, whether it has a lasting effect or not! If you take a shower or have a bath, moisture will settle on the all surfaces and will become a breeding ground for

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23 Jun

What do you look for when you need a plumber?

Trust the Triangle? …. What do you look for when finding a new plumber or heating engineer? Do you always check that the person you hire is Gas Safe registered before they carry out any gas work for you? Many people feel embarrassed to ask to see an ID card when they have a trades

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16 Jun

Choosing The Best Lighting For Your Bathroom

Choose the wrong bulb and you wind up looking jaundiced as you put your makeup on, place a fixture in the wrong spot and you’re shaving in the shadows! You need a few different sources of lighting to make it look good as well as functional.  Consider what you do and what in the space

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14 Jun

Do you have a contract?

The importance of having a contract in place … Making changes or improvements to your home can be one of the biggest investments you make, so it’s really important to have a contract in place! It will help to define the scope of work your contractor, builder or plumber is going to complete and confirm

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09 Jun

How to choose the ideal colour for you bathroom

Peace and tranquility or a riot of colour …. White may be the safest and most popular colour choice when it comes to bathrooms but it certainly isn’t the only option available. Bright and bold shades can add life and style to a bathroom, whether you use just a pop of colour or add the

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07 Jun

How to get the best from your plumbing contractor

The best 5 tips you will ever need to know …. When planning your next project at home, the best 5 tips you will ever need to know to make your life that much easier – 1   Before you contact your contractor – make sure you have a clear cut idea in your mind of

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03 Jun

Looking for some inspiration for your bathroom?

  Luxury or Budget – that is the question? For a lot of us, Spring/Summer is the time of the year that we consider doing refurbishments in the house. For many who don’t have a clear cut vision in mind of what they want to achieve and the style they want to create can prove

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