Monthly Archives: July 2016

29 Jul

Energy Saving tips …..

During the Summer months ….. We should be looking at ways to save money on our household energy bills for the Winter. It may be obvious to many but it is an ideal time to look at this continuing issue.  As energy costs continue to rise and our need to conserve energy for future, now

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27 Jul

Stunning Showers ….

Styles to suit everyone Many people these days prefer to shower rather than have a bath, maybe it’s because of the pace of life we all lead, life is often run at full pelt and having the time to luxuriate in the bath is something of a luxury for most of us! There are different

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22 Jul

Storage Solutions ….

Is your bathroom desperate for storage solutions? In today’s houses the bathroom is often the smallest room in the house which if that’s the case, leaves very little room for storage. When faced with such a dilemma, you really need to start thinking out of the box in ways to resolve this problem.  There is

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19 Jul

The benefits of Power Flushing

Making your pipes a priority …. When installing a new heating system a power flush should be carried out as a matter of course and Watertite engineers try to convince our customers of the benefits of having this done but it does incur additional costs which many customers are reluctant to add too. There will

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15 Jul

The Ultimate Guide To Boilers

Boilers are responsible for your home heating and hot water. Since you rely on our boilers on a daily basis, it can be all too easy to take them for granted. But how much do you really know about one of the most essential appliances in your home? To give you a better understanding of

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15 Jul

Top Tips …..

Our top energy saving tips for you to follow – Turn it off.  We waste a lot of energy because we have the habit of leaving our electrical appliances on standby when they aren’t in use.  The average house could save at least £85 a year just by switching off at the plug! Turn it

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12 Jul

Are you a good customer?

A decision we all have to make …… Whether we are going to be a good customer or not ourselves! We have all read about or have had experience of rogue tradesmen and cowboy builders but what of how, us as the customer are seen by the skilled trades we employ? There is no hard

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08 Jul

To tile or not to tile?

Are you a church mouse or do you go for big and bold? ….   When deciding on a new bathroom or even if you just want to update your current bathroom but are happy to keep the porcelain as it is, do you want something tranquil or would you rather be bold with pattern

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05 Jul

How to choose a new kitchen tap …..

Do you go for looks or practicality? Did you know that the kitchen tap is used on average 10 times more every day than a bathroom tap? Therefore choosing the right kitchen tap for you and your needs is essential and it has to be reliable and of the highest quality to withstand the wear

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01 Jul

How to style your bathroom

Hotel Chic or Urban Jungle? It should be very easy to have a clean clutter free bathroom space but the reality in practice is not always so easy! There are a number of points to consider when creating your dream space! Consider your style …. Do you imagine lying in a bath surrounded in a ‘Spa’

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