Monthly Archives: August 2016

23 Aug

How to deal with your bathroom window

Be they big or small? …. Bathroom windows always create a problem no matter what size and what direction they face. They have multiple roles – They work hard to allow in as much natural light as possible To provide you with as much privacy as possible Additional storage Decorative feature These are just a

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19 Aug

Water Conservation

One drop at a time ….. Water is a precious resource that we take for granted, as we are an island surrounded by water and with the ever increasing threat of flooding, a shortage of water is the last thing to cross most people’s minds. In the UK we use on average 150 litres of

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16 Aug

Decorating your bathroom …..

How to paint your bathroom like an expert… If you’ve taken the time, trouble and expense of refurbishing your bathroom and not opted for the fully tiled look, then you will need to paint the walls and ceiling. Due to the very nature of the room, humidity and condensation are always going to be a

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12 Aug

Choosing the right radiator

Knowing what type and size of radiator to buy is a difficult decision for many people. There are different types of radiators to suit all needs and you will need to consider the different sources of heat, whether it be from an open fire, wood burner through to a fan heater and your central heating

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09 Aug

How to re-invigorate your bathroom

Giving your bathroom that brand new look again …. It’s easy to maintain your bath to make it look as if it was bought last week!  So no matter how busy we are, with a little bit of effort your bathroom can be sparkling clean for very little cost or effort. How often you clean

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05 Aug

Recent projects at Watertite

What we’ve been up to lately ….. In recent months the work at Watertite has been so varied, it’s really been a very interesting time for us all! We have continued to carry out everyday household repairs to toilets, blocked sinks and such like but we have also installed a number of new boilers and

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02 Aug

The benefits of a boiler service

When did you last service your boiler? This is something that a lot of us put off year after year and we  really shouldn’t! Think of it the same as your car, you don’t put off servicing that year after year, do you? Keeping our boilers healthy and happy is essential, if we want to

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