Monthly Archives: September 2016

28 Sep

Getting your house ready for Winter – Part 1

It’s that time of the year again ….. When we all need to do a little household maintenance and prepare our homes for the Winter to come. Have you got a maintenance checklist? ¬†It’s really worthwhile setting out one to follow each year, to make sure that you have covered all points and not forgotten

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23 Sep

How to clean a shower head

Does your shower head flow freely? Those of you who live in Bristol will know only too well the trouble we have here with a build up of limescale in our taps, in our kettles and all things in the bathroom. Why do we have hard water here in Bristol? Р Minerals such as calcium

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16 Sep

Decorating your bathroom – part 2

The good and the bad when decorating … We started a conversation a little while ago about the joys of decorating your bathroom and a lot of you responded with some very interesting comments! It’s never easy to decorate a room like a professional but using the best quality materials and tools is always a

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13 Sep

How to measure ‘Good Customer Service’?

What equates good customer service for you? Everyone has different ideas on what they perceive good customer service to be. How do you decide on what is good customer service? We at Watertite strive to provide good customer service at all times and work extremely hard to make sure that we do. Our idea of

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09 Sep

Listening to your engineer

How many of us actually listen… This is a common dilemma for all of us, whether we are talking to our heating engineer, doctor or the tax man, we don’t really tune into the whole conversation! It can be difficult to take everything in that is being said to you, especially if it’s about something

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05 Sep

Could Bristol Students Benefit From a Career as a Plumber?

The UK is experiencing a lack of skilled workers in a number of fields. Over the past few years, that has resulted in a boom time for skilled workers like engineers, bricklayers, surveyors, and plumbers. Wages for skilled workers like plumbers have risen substantially as a result. The Office for National Statistics says 30% of

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