Monthly Archives: October 2016

19 Oct

Choosing the perfect kitchen sink

How do you choose the right sink to suit your needs? Your kitchen sink is used for a multitude of chores every day, anything from washing your hands to prepping food and even washing the dog or the baby! So how do you decide on what is the right shape and size for you?  There

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14 Oct

Top tips to saving water

Follow our top tips to reduce your water usage … Restrict your shower’s flow – Modern showers have an ‘Eco’ setting which will reduce the flow of water from the standard of 13.5 litres per minute to approximately 10 litres per minute.  Over the year that will make a significant difference but you as the user

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05 Oct

Getting your house ready for Winter – Part 2

It’s all in the title…. We started this conversation last week which we hope you found useful?  Obviously the list can go on and on and it will depend on the state of your house and how much time you want to spend on it. Remember it is your biggest expense in life so worthy

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