Monthly Archives: January 2017

27 Jan

What’s your idea of a luxury bathroom?

We all have different ideas on what the word luxury stands for …. To some the word luxury conjures up a 5* hotel with a spa like bathroom!  To others, it would mean constant hot water and fluffy white towels.  To many throughout the world, luxury is to have running water at the turn of

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20 Jan

Choosing the right coloured grout

The colour of your grout is as important as your tile …. Both will have a big impact in the overall design of your bathroom – After some serious decision making, you have finally chosen the tiles for your new bathroom or kitchen but what about the grout? It hardly seems significant enough to worry

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10 Jan

Would you install a freestanding bath?

Things to consider before installing a freestanding bath ….   If you are lucky enough to have the space to install a freestanding bath and have always fancied one, then there are some points that you really should think about before going full steam ahead – Weight – Freestanding baths by their very nature are often

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