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20 Nov

How To Save Money Heating Your Bristol Home In 10 Easy Ways

In 2015 Bristol was the first UK city to be crowned Europe’s Green Capital, further cementing its reputation as the most energy and waste-efficient major city in the country. The city continues to accelerate its green campaigns to become more self-sufficient, but a long road lies ahead on the way to becoming 100% reliant on

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16 Nov

A Guide to Buying and Installing a Commercial Boiler

Property owners and business managers tend to replace a commercial boiler only when it breaks down. To make things worse, an old and unmaintained boiler always fails when heating is needed most, prompting a distressed purchase. Due to its unexpected nature, it’s highly likely that there are no funds allocated for an emergency replacement. Productivity

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03 Nov

How Does the Water Quality in Bristol Affect Your Home?

Clean water is a human right that we’re lucky to have free access to, but not all water is equal, especially if you live in a heavily urbanised area, or city, like Bristol. Hard water is a problem that frequently affects the homes of Bristol’s inhabitants, and whilst water of a lower quality isn’t exactly

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