How long is a piece of string?

Bathroom Refurbishments…..


This is often the comment that springs to mind when customers ask how much it would be for a bathroom refurbishment!!!


Bathroom 214









Some examples of bathroom fit-outs carried out by Watertite

Bathroom installations vary enormously and are dependent on so many factors, these are the most important to consider –

  • The amount of work involved (the expected & unexpected)
  • The quality and amount of materials involved
  • Budget – be realistic

A simple refresh can cost as little as £1000 by your local handyman and at the other end of the spectrum a full refurbishment can be well in excess of £10,000, depending on the amount of re-planning, co-ordinating of many different skilled trades, bespoke design.



This is an example of creative thinking!  A really nice piece of wood makes a prefect base for a vanity sink to sit on and would be extremely inexpensive to re-create.

Having exposed pipework can also look attractive, as long as the pipework is neat and clean and look at the towel ring another clever idea.  Full marks to Chris, one of our engineers at Watertite.

Again the quality of fittings, finished, flooring, electrics and plumbing will all be reflected in the price.

Something a lot of people fail to realise is that you are dealing with two bathrooms, the old one you are taking out and the installation of the new one.  The cost of disposing of the old suite must also be taken into the equation.

To make life as simple as possible for not only yourself but also your contractor/plumber, it’s all about the planning stage.  There’s no short cut to this, it’s all about ‘research, research, research‘!

Once you’ve decide what you want to achieve out of the exercise and how much you are willing (realistically) to spend and who would be your preferred choice to carry out the work for you, you can start the process in earnest.

If you have only the  most modest of budgets, this will give you a quick refresh and as long as you are prepared to do some of the work yourself, you should get more bang for your bucks!

It will take careful planning and preparation but you will be very surprised at how much you can achieve for your money.  Remember, be realistic … don’t expect to put in underfloor heating and lay a limousine floor all for £1000!  Here are some cost cutting tips to consider when on a budget….

  • Customer to strip out and remove all waste
  • Look for end of run tiles on sites such as ebay or your local supplier
  • Only part tile walls
  • Ceiling and walls painted by customer
  • Inexpensive bathroom suite again on ebay or from your nearest DIY store, builders merchants
  • Shower run off the bath mixer tap with bath screen or if you must a curtain!
  • New ceiling pendant fitting, instead of recessed spotlights
  • Vinyl flooring instead of tiles

Believe it or not?  Most of this could be done on a budget of £1000 with careful planning, of course that is providing there are no hidden or unexpected costs!

Now if your budget is unlimited, well the sky’s the limit!  Again it all depends on how much work is involved, the quality of your fittings, carpentry, plumbing, electrics and finishes and whether anything unexpected occurs.

A luxury bathroom can cost in excess of £50,000, so if you have that sort of money sitting around, just think of the ways you can luxuriate in bubbles, watching your favourite TV show with a glass of bubbly in your hand!


For an average sized bathroom with good quality fittings, tiles etc the cost can be somewhere between £8,000 and £12,000.

This would include:-

  • Strip out existing bathroom and dispose of waste
  • To make good all surfaces and waterproof where necessary
  • To install all new pipework and electrics
  • Supply & fitting of any cabinetry
  • Installation of all porcelain
  • All tiling, flooring, finishes and decorating

When you think about it… for that amount of work and materials, it’s not bad value for money?

Watertite do take on bathroom refurbishments from time to time and our customers know that we won’t be the least expensive but we will attend to every minute detail and it will be a labour of love for both us and them!

Have a good week ahead!