Need a new toilet?

Who knew there were so many different types of toilets …..

Have you thought about upgrading your bathroom or cloakroom lately? Well, one of the essential items for these rooms are the toilets.  We often take them for granted but they are a necessity and maybe you didn’t realise there was so much choice out there!

It may be worth having your local plumber to check out what type of toilet you currently have, before you make any decisions on what you plan to install, as this may depend on where the cold water feed comes in and how it is set up at the moment, unless of course you can go all out and are prepared to change everything, including the run of the soil waste.

It’s difficult to know where to start but deciding on the design and style you want and how much you want to pay, can be the defining moment.  Also, do you want to get rid of those unsightly pipes running everywhere?

Here’s our list and a short description of some of the most popular toilet styles available …..

Close-Coupled Toilets – This style is the most common and there are a number of designs and styles to choose from, anything from traditional through to very modern and contemporary. Due to their popularity, they are often seen as the least expensive option, ideal if on a tight budget.  They are also the easiest to install, with the drain pipe being easily accessible and can run in most directions.

Concealed Cistern Toilets –    This style of toilet is ideal if you want to create a more modern, streamlined and minimalist look.  The cistern is concealed within a wall or piece of furniture, providing a less cluttered look, allowing you to maximise space.  When installing this type of unit, you must remember to include an access hatch for repairs should they be required.  Your bathroom installation team will know how to to do this for you.  This style is perfect if you have space and are looking for a stylish solution to the age old problem of clunky bathroom furniture!  It’s as easy to install as a normal toilet and will not require any additional support and shouldn’t be much more expensive than a close coupled toilet.

Wall-Mounted Toilets – Most wall-mounted toilets can be fitted into any wall cavity or piece of furniture made specifically for this purpose, as long as it is supported by a framework that can house the cistern and the weight of the pan, in effect providing you with a concealed cistern.  There is usually a chrome flush plate that can be removed to gain access to the internals for repair.  So that you have peace of mind and don’t worry constantly about the cistern or pan falling off the wall, the framework to mount both on must be able to withstand a weight in excess of 150-200kg! This style creates the greatest illusion of space as the toilet pan looks as if it’s floating! It is extremely stylish and minimalistic.

Toilet Seats – The last thing to consider is the style of toilet seat, it really depends on the style of toilet you choose and your decorative finish, there’s no point putting a traditional wooden oak or walnut seat on a very minimalist wall mounted toilet, it would just look totally wrong! There is a vast choice out there and they come in various materials, such as Thermoplastic which has a hard-wearing finish and is easy to maintain and can last a lifetime with proper care! If you are looking for that little bit of luxury, you could always go for the heated seat, soft close option!  Whatever your heart desires, it’s out there for you!

If you are in doubt about any of this when planning your next bathroom upgrade, speak to a professional, either see your local bathroom design team or your local plumber, both should be able to advise you.

That’s all for now folks!