How to re-invigorate your bathroom

Giving your bathroom that brand new look again ….


It’s easy to maintain your bath to make it look as if it was bought last week!  So no matter how busy we are, with a little bit of effort your bathroom can be sparkling clean for very little cost or effort.

How often you clean your bathroom is very much down to personal feelings.  Most family bathrooms could do with a wipe over daily no doubt and a deep clean at least once a week.

Giving your bath and shower a quick wipe over after every use will help to remove the build up of scum and any standing water.



To give the bath the love it deserves, doesn’t need to include expensive cleaning products, some simple household products that you may well have in your cupboard and fruit bowl will do the trick – Honestly!!

Get a grapefruit and a quarter cup of salt and cut the grapefruit in half, sprinkle the top of the grapefruit with a third of the salt and sprinkle the remainder around the bath.  Then take your cut grapefruit and rub it all over, concentrating on the areas where there might be a build up of scum.  Rinse it over with clean water and dry off, leaving a much cleaner and shinier surface.

If you have a build up of scum or limescale on your taps, if you rub these over with half a cut lemon, they will bring back the shine, especially if you have evidence of limescale which is something we suffer with badly here in Bristol.

Refinishing & re-caulking ….

If over time your bath has developed chips and scratches you may need to invest in a repair kit or get a professional in to re-enamel.

If the caulk sealant between your walls and bath or basin has broken down, it will over time cause mould and mildew to occur.  This can be replaced fairly easily.  Take a Stanley knife and cut it out, be careful though not to cut yourself or scratch the bath.  Replace the caulk and leave it to dry for at least 24 hours.

Re-invigorating your fixture ….

What often happens over a period of time is that your taps and plugs etc lose their shine and are maybe a little old and tired. Bathroom refurbishment BristolShower heads can become blocked with a build up of limescale, so by giving these fixtures a good clean up with vinegar and toothpaste will work wonders and may mean the difference between resurrecting the old or buying new!

That’s all for now folks!