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28 Mar

What to do with a leaking boiler

Would you know what to do if you discovered your boiler was leaking?  ….. Do we always know what to do when we have a problem?  No, is the simple answer to that question.  Unless you are lucky enough to have Mr D.I.Y in the family or an engineer who has an analytical brain, it’s

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21 Mar

Moving to Bristol and need a tradesperson?

When moving to a new city or town, how do you find the right tradesperson? …… For all of us moving to a new city or town, it can take a long time to build a contact list of your local tradespeople.  How would you go about finding the right person for the job? In

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14 Mar

How to choose the right mirror for your bathroom

When it comes to choosing the right mirror for your bathroom…. Do we ever really know what we need or want?  It’s a question we all ask ourselves quite often if the truth be told.  When it comes to choosing that all important extra piece of decoration for our bathroom – how to do you

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27 Jan

What’s your idea of a luxury bathroom?

We all have different ideas on what the word luxury stands for …. To some the word luxury conjures up a 5* hotel with a spa like bathroom!  To others, it would mean constant hot water and fluffy white towels.  To many throughout the world, luxury is to have running water at the turn of

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20 Jan

Choosing the right coloured grout

The colour of your grout is as important as your tile …. Both will have a big impact in the overall design of your bathroom – After some serious decision making, you have finally chosen the tiles for your new bathroom or kitchen but what about the grout? It hardly seems significant enough to worry

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10 Jan

Would you install a freestanding bath?

Things to consider before installing a freestanding bath ….   If you are lucky enough to have the space to install a freestanding bath and have always fancied one, then there are some points that you really should think about before going full steam ahead – Weight – Freestanding baths by their very nature are often

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30 Nov

Top 5 Budget Bathroom Tips

When refurbishing your bathroom on a budget, follow our essential tops…. Our top 5 tips to save money when you have decided that your bathroom needs a face lift! Revamp, don’t replace – If the only thing wrong with the bathroom is the awful 1970’s tiles, then why don’t you consider having them re-glazed? Re-glazing those

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16 Nov

Show your radiators some love and make every day National Radiator Day

Did you know 1 November was National Radiator Day?! If you didn’t spend the beginning of the month maintaining your central heating system and showing your radiators some TLC, here are 5 top tips on improving radiator efficiency now the cold winter days are here. Bleed your radiators Over time, the air becomes trapped in your

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10 Nov

Boiler maintenance tips: how to keep your boiler happy all year round

As the heart of the home, a boiler is essential in daily life; heating the rooms and providing us with hot water. It is normally something we take for granted, but sorely miss when problems arise! Following these vital maintenance tips will keep your central heating running as efficiently as possible through these colder months,

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19 Oct

Choosing the perfect kitchen sink

How do you choose the right sink to suit your needs? Your kitchen sink is used for a multitude of chores every day, anything from washing your hands to prepping food and even washing the dog or the baby! So how do you decide on what is the right shape and size for you?  There

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