Answers to your questions!

A number of people out there have been responding to some of our past blogs and asking questions about the issues we have raised…….

Something that seems to affect a lot of people out there is a build up of limescale…… not just in the Bristol area, someone from Scotland has commented that although their water board add lime to the water source to prevent a build up of corrosion on pipes it has failed to work and they have to add tablets to their system.

We here at Watertite will always add an inhibitor to all new boilers and heating systems that we install but if we have a customer who has asked us to service their boiler and  we or they are concerned about the level of scale on their boiler and through the pipes and radiators, we will advise them that they should install a scale reducer,  we would recommend something such as this one from Fernox.  large-2




Also it is always a good idea to introduce an inhibitor into your system. One of the best makes comes from Sentinel, this is another item you should ask your local heating engineer to provide for you. Sentinel X100 hrh-500x500

Another reader has asked about the overall pro’s and con’s of underfloor heating… there is no finite answer to this question. It really is a matter of personal taste and opinion. It can depend on efficiency of your heating system, whether you will be installing it throughout the whole property or whether you intend to zone it off for one particular area? As we said in our original blog, UFH is not just for new builds, it can be added to listed properties very successfully  without very little disruption to the fabric of the building. This pipework shown here from our earlier blog was for a very large expanse of floor.


I have also added a picture of the pipework for a smaller area which still measure 10 Mts X 4 Mts and as you can see it doesn’t take up too much space at all and fits neatly into a cloaks cupboard!




As we said before it all depends on how you want the space to look, whether it’s important to have a streamlined appearance, the use of all walls without the inclusion of a bulky radiator!

I hope we have managed to answer some of your questions? It’s always re-assuring to hear that our little blog is being read by some people!  So keep your questions coming in, if I don’t know the answer, I will always find it out for you!

Have a good week ahead!