What to consider when choosing a boiler

At some point in our lives most of us will have to make a decision about replacing our boiler, how do you go about it?

Choosing from the wide range of brands on the market is not easy, the choice is endless and can be quite daunting and time-consuming, to say the least. Deciding on what your criteria are, will be the smart way to go, are you looking for value for money, quality or trustworthiness?

Do you want your boiler to provide you with plentiful hot water as well as heat? Are you restricted with space? If you have a large family and want hot water throughout the house, have you the space for an unvented system? Read our ultimate guide to boilers to understand all the possibilities.

Once you have made these decisions, you can then research which brand and model will best suit your requirements.

We here at Watertite have our favourites!  Our usual ‘go to‘ brand of choice would be Worcester Bosch, basically for their efficiency, reliability, value for money, that together with an excellent after sales service and warranty ranging from 5-7 years depending on the model and the additional extras installed at the time, they may be a little more expensive than many other makes but worth every penny.

Boiler Manufacturers

Worcester Bosch Boilers

Worcester Bosch has an extensive range and there would be a model to suit all needs and budgets.  We install many Worcester Bosch boilers every year and can guarantee you will be more than happy with the build quality, they break down far less than most other brands, parts are easy to come by and their customer service is second to none!

When researching, why not check out customer reviews and testimonials.  These will give you an indication of the product and service you can expect to receive when you choose a Worcester product.

Vaillant Boilers

The next make we might recommend would be someone like Vaillant, who again have exceptional after sales service and are known for their reliability and efficiency.  Their homeowners’ website is extremely helpful and by just answering a few questions it will tell you which boiler they would recommend for your needs. Again, their technical support team have proved invaluable in the past to us with their help and advice when we have had to deal with an extremely tricky boiler.

Ideal Boilers

A very popular and generally economical brand is Ideal, this is a British company that have been around for many, many years.   They too have a model that will fill most customers requirements, if you are unsure at any time, the best person to speak to is your installer, he will be able to advise you according to your needs and budget.

How to Choose Your New Boiler

Our top tips to help you make that all important decision

  1. Reliability of the brand – The more reliable your boiler is, the less likely you are to have to pay for expensive repairs.  On average, general boiler repairs are in excess of £200, therefore, it definitely pays to choose a trustworthy brand.
  2. Get your heating engineer’s opinion – A good heating engineer can be an invaluable source of information, only an experienced professional can advise you on the right boiler for your home.
  3. Which boiler is best suited to your home – Think about what is right for you. If you have a small 2 up, 2 down house with just the 2 of you, then a standard combi boiler is ideal but if you have a larger property and a family, then a conventional heat only boiler with a separate hot water cylinder might be the way to go.
  4. How efficient do you want to be? – Replacing an old system with a more modern, energy efficient boiler could save you anywhere between £600 and £1000 per annum. Not to be sneezed at!
  5. Warranties and Guarantees – Only consider a brand that is happy to offer you a warranty for 5-7 years.  This should prevent the need for paying for expensive repairs and parts if there are breakdowns.  Providing it is serviced annually, this MUST be done to maintain the manufacturers warranties.
  6. Check out the reviews of your top choices – It’s always worthwhile doing this when making such an expensive investment.  So much information can be found online, ask any friends or neighbours who have had a new boiler recently, even ask your heating engineer if he can recommend any of his customers that have recently had a new boiler and might be happy to talk to you.
  7. Think of the future – Many years down the line you may need to purchase parts to maintain your boiler, if you choose the right brand you should have no problem getting the necessary parts you need.
  8. Choosing the right installer – Make sure your chosen installer is Gas Safe registered and is experienced in installing the type of system you are having.  If in doubt check out the Gas Safe website for a list of registered installers in your area.

That’s all for now folks!