How to buy a boiler…..

Is your boiler old and temperamental? It’s no joke when the central heating packs in!

There is no putting off the inevitable if your boiler  is more than 10 years old, it’s probably due for the graveyard where all the old boilers go to die! Let’s hope it doesn’t look anything like the one below!


There are many different ways to go now when considering a new boiler installation and central heating system……

  • Your local recommended boiler and heating engineer

This may be the Gas Safe registered engineer that has been servicing and repairing your existing boiler.  Speak to him as he will have an understanding of your needs and he should be able to advise you of the most efficient and cost effective system for you.

If you decide to go with him, he will purchase the boiler directly from a supplier on your behalf and install it.  It will also come with a warranty to give you peace of mind.

  • From your energy supplier

If you are with companies such as British Gas, Eon, nPower and such like, they will also be able to provide you with a new boiler.  An engineer will visit to assess your needs and provide you with a quote.  They will, without a doubt be more expensive than your small independent heating company but you will have the satisfaction of knowing that they are unlikely to go out of business.

  • Buying direct from the manufacturer

You will undoubtedly get a better price buying the boiler directly from the manufacturer yourself but you will then have to source and organise your own Gas Safe registered engineer to install it for you.  A word of warning…. ‘It is not only dangerous but illegal not to use a Gas Safe registered engineer to install a central heating boiler.

  • The latest option open to you … Why not lease your boiler, just like your car!

As a homeowner you agree to a set monthly fee for the next 12 years.  It is a long tie-in but for that you would receive an ‘A’ rated boiler from companies such as Vaillant, Worcester Bosch with also an upgraded heating system and controls (thermostat & temperature control valves).  All this with no upfront charge.

It is an expensive way to buy a boiler but the company effectively guarantees the complete heating and hot water system for the 12 year period, this would include all call outs and parts.  So there would be no more bills over that period.

With all the information you have to hand now, it’s down to the homeowner to decide who to put your trust in and who will give you the best value for money and service.

Watertite engineers love coming to the rescue of a  customer who are having to saying farewell to their old and sickly boiler.  Our engineers take great pride in their boiler installations and aim to make them as pain free as possible.


So if you are thinking  about a new boiler or heating system… give us a call here at Watertite to discuss your needs and let us rise to the challenge and provide you with that peace of mind that you now have a fully operational boiler and heating system to last you for the next 10 years at least.

Have a good week ahead!