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For Bristol properties that don’t have access to a mains gas supply (there are around four million of these in the UK), liquid petroleum gas (LPG) is a popular alternative fuel source to oil for powering central heating systems.

The Advantages of an LPG Boiler

LPG boilers use gas stored in a cylinder or tank. In almost every other respect though, they are similar in design and operation to conventional mains gas supply boilers.

LPG is a naturally efficient fuel, so it delivers good value for each unit of energy consumed. With the latest generation of condensing LPG boilers, which recycle waste heat that would otherwise escape via the flue, efficiencies of up to 90 percent are possible. If you have an older LPG boiler, we can replace it with a modern condensing boiler to help you start saving money on your energy bills.

As with mains gas boilers, LPG condensing boilers don’t have to be combi types that deliver hot water on demand; conventional and system boilers that can heat water to be stored in a cylinder are available too. These are preferable for larger houses or families that use a significant amount of hot water.

If you’re not sure what type of boiler you need, why not give us a call and we’ll be happy to talk you through the options, based on your needs to ensure that you get the most appropriate system for your home.

LPG Boiler Servicing in Bristol

As with any other type of boiler, it’s important to have your LPG system serviced regularly. At Watertite Plumbing, our experienced engineers can ensure that your LPG boiler is in good working order and operating at its most efficient. A regular boiler service will ensure that your LPG boiler will have a long and trouble-free working life.

Our engineers are all Gas Safe registered have many years experience looking after LPG boilers. As part of our standard servicing package, we will carry out a visual check of the boiler and look for any damage. We will check the flame colour to ensure that the fuel is burning cleanly and will inspect the internal components of the boiler. We will also clean any dust and debris and test the boiler to ensure it’s running efficiently.

We also offer a complete Gas Safety Inspection or Landlords Gas Safety Inspection allowing us to issue you with a Gas Safety Certificate.

If any faults are found, our engineers are able to replace parts in order to get the boiler back to its peak condition.

LPG Boiler Installation in Bristol

If you need a new LPG boiler installed, then we can help with that too. Our team all have a huge amount of experience fitting replacement and new LPG boilers in the Bristol area.

It is also worth talking to us about upgrading your system’s controls, whether this is a ‘smart’ thermostat or a more flexible timer that can allow you to take more accurate control of your system. We can also fit thermostatic radiator valves so that you can control the temperature in each of your rooms to suit your requirements and minimise energy consumption.

If you are thinking of replacing your LPG boiler with a more modern condensing LPG boiler or feel like it’s time to get your existing LPG boiler services, then why not give Watertite Plumbing a call today on 01179 093 967.

If it’s easier you can always get in touch via our contact form and we’ll call you back at your earliest convenience.