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Annual Boiler Service in Bristol

Boiler servicing is a vital maintenance check of your household heating system and can involve a thorough cleaning and testing of the appliance to ensure all elements of your boiler are working safely and correctly. This should be done annually – just like your car!

It’s important that your boiler is checked and tested once a year to ensure that it’s working to its optimum standard. If boilers become faulty, they need to be serviced as soon as possible for your safety and for the sake of the boiler’s efficiency. See ‘Common boiler issues‘ below to help you identify the signs of a faulty boiler.

A typical boiler service procedure will involve your boiler being fired up by a professional heating engineer to check for any possible faults. The boiler casing may also need be removed to allow our specialist Gas Safe engineers to inspect each component thoroughly to ensure nothing is compromising its safety or performance. Depending on the age and type of boiler you have, this annual check should take no more than an hour to complete.

Boiler Repairs in Bristol

In addition to an annual boiler check, you may also require a boiler repair if you notice things like:

  • hot water running out too soon
  • higher fuel bills
  • a decrease in boiler efficiency
  • leaking boiler
  • boiler displaying an error or fault code
  • boiler pressure dropping to zero and requiring regular top-ups

A poorly maintained boiler can lead to inadequate heating of your home during the winter months, a spike in your heating bills due to poor efficiency and, in rare cases, a serious risk to your household in terms of potential gas leaks. Essentially, boiler servicing is for every home that wishes for their boiler to run safely, reliably and with as little cost as possible.

Please note: It is the law for landlords to have their boilers serviced annually to ensure the safety of their tenants.

The benefits of a boiler service

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What to do with a leaking boiler!

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Common boiler issues and how to solve them

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What Are the Benefits of Having Your Boiler Serviced and Maintained Regularly?

Regular boiler servicing does not only keep your family safe, it also improves the efficiency of your boiler which, in turn, helps you save considerably on your heating bills. Below lists some of the main benefits that come with having your boiler checked on a regular basis:

  • Extended boiler life – take good care of your boiler and you’ll reap the rewards of a loyal, long-lasting home heating system, sparing you the cost of replacing one until absolutely necessary.
  • Minimal breakdown risk – failing to book a regular boiler check will prove more costly in the long-run when faced with sudden breakdowns and emergency call-out charges. Investing in boiler safety truly can pay off.
  • Optimum comfort – the coldest months can be when our boilers let us down the most, so it’s good to know that boiler servicing can limit these risks by fixing the minor problems before they have a chance to snowball.
  • Safety and peace of mind – most importantly, regular boiler maintenance can be life-saving. Carbon monoxide poisoning claims many lives every year in the UK due to faulty boilers so if there’s one reason to invest in boiler servicing, this should be it.

Common boiler breakdown issues and how to spot them

For your safety at home, it’s a good idea to be familiar with the common causes of a faulty boiler to nip the issue in the bud. Below lists the most common boiler issues and how to identify them…

  • Failure to ignite – This is perhaps the most common sign of a faulty boiler and can usually be identified when you hear the boiler sparking and attempting to light before giving in and causing boiler ‘lockout’. Usually, an orange light will also display to signify a failed ignition.
  • Leaking or dripping – Before your boiler starts visibly leaking, you may notice gurgling sounds and this can be due to blocked waterways or broken parts inside the boiler.
  • A noisy boiler – A noisy boiler (also referred to as ‘kettling’) is often caused by limescale build-up inside the heat exchange component. This noise usually manifests itself in a banging, gurgling or whistling sound.
  • Radiators not heating – Cold and unforgiving radiators are usually due to rusting pipes, a build-up of air or a faulty pump (e.g. hot water failing to circulate properly). If your radiators feel hot at the bottom but cold near the top, this is a sign that your boiler is not working at its best.
  • Losing pressure – If you have a pressurised boiler system, the common sign of a fault can be a loss in pressure. This can be down to an issue with the expansion vessel or because of a water leak. Check the pressure release pipe for any leaks or visible signs of dampness.
  • Thermostat problems – If your thermostat is fairly old, this could be the cause of boiler problems. Older thermostats tend to deteriorate faster than new models and can be unpredictable, which can lead to complications with your central heating system.
  • Boiler switching off – A faulty boiler may switch itself off from time to time. This can be due to a number of factors including a faulty pump, a frozen condensate pipe or low water pressure.

Thankfully, each of these common problems can be fixed by a qualified heating engineer and the earlier you can spot them, the better.


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