What does a Boiler Service entail?

We all service our boilers but do we know what should be done? …..

Both Gas Safe and the heating industry have been calling for more to be done to make the public aware of the importance of regular servicing of their boilers.

There has been a drive to improve standards by both installers and manufacturers alike regarding boiler servicing which is wholly supported by Gas Safe who have also been campaigning to improve standards for both apprentices and Gas Safe registered engineers throughout the industry.

So rather than cut corners, the public need to be more savvy about who they are asking into their homes to service their boiler.  

One of the most important questions to ask when booking your appointment with your local Bristol heating engineer would be ‘Whether they are Gas Safe Registered’ or not?

The importance of their Gas Safe registration can’t be stressed enough.  They should have received training from a recognised specialist training academy and completed at least Level 2 NVQ Plumbing and not received their qualifications through a 5 minute fast track course! 

A competent engineer will have experience of many different boilers and systems and although every boiler is slightly different, the standard protocol for servicing should remain the same.

A good heating engineer should be able to diagnose and analyse any faults within a boiler, it can be a painstaking process to find the issue and this is where a properly trained and experienced engineer comes into his own.Boiler Maintenance Tips

So the next time you call in your local heating engineer in to carry out that annual boiler service, here are a few things to make sure they are being carried out –

  • Have they removed the boiler casing
  • Has the condensate trap been cleaned
  • Have they checked that all the radiators are getting hot
  • The boilers’ performance
  • Have they checked the burner pressure
  • Have they checked the flue gases

All these steps will make sure that your boiler is performing to the best of it’s ability and will keep it happy and healthy for longer and the most important action of all – ‘Ask to see their Gas Safe Register Card’, then you know you will have peace of mind!

That’s all for now folks!