What is a Pressure Reducing Valve?

A common problem with boilers …….

One of the most common problems with boilers we at Watertite find is the failure of the Pressure Reducing Valve‘ or PRV for short.

Although they are not essential to all boilers, it is advisable to fit one to the cold mains inlet.  Low water pressure can cause issues but so can high pressure!  Having the correct pressure will ensure that your boiler functions correctly.

A common fault that you can look out for would be, where the hot water pressure is significantly lower than cold water pressure.  By fitting a PRV will allow the pressure to be balanced and the thermostatic mixing valves to operate at the most beneficial level.

By fitting a PRV, it can also prevent leaks.  If you were to have an over-pressurised system, a huge surge in pressure could force a burst pipe or seal, thereby causing your system to start leaking. The more water that escapes, the more damage that can occur.

Another indication that you might need a PRV, would be a loud, noisy boiler.  It can be difficult to determine why the boiler is making such a loud noise but a PRV will often help in this area by reducing any vibrations within the boiler.

Another tick in it’s favour, when installing a PRV will also reduce the chance of wasted water.  Not only is it environmentally responsible but it is economically responsible as well!

So remember, if you have a noisy boiler, or erratic water pressure it might be time to call in the professionals and have a pressure reducing valve installed.  But remember, don’t be tempted to self diagnose!  Let a professional find out what the actual problem is and if it is helped by having a PRV installed then ‘Bob’s your uncle‘!

If you are experiencing any of the above, then do give us a call here at Watertite and we will resolve your boiler issues and concerns.

That’s all for now folks!