The benefits of a boiler service

When did you last service your boiler?

Happy boiler

This is something that a lot of us put off year after year and we  really shouldn’t!

Think of it the same as your car, you don’t put off servicing that year after year, do you?

Keeping our boilers healthy and happy is essential, if we want to extend the lifespan of our central heating and hot water boilers.

It’s also essential to have your boiler serviced and for you to keep an up to date  record to maintain the manufacturer’s warranty.

There are some simple things that we can all do to look after our boilers.

  1. Keep a careful eye on the pressure gauge, keeping the pressure somewhere between 1 and 1.5 bar is ideal.
  2. Keep it topped up at all times, get into the habit of checking it weekly.
  3. Keep an eye on the pilot light, make sure that the pilot colour is a nice blue! Anything less then call out the professionals.
  4. Make sure all your pipes are lagged, as soon as the temperature drops, pipes can freeze.  Ready made lagging tubes can be bought for pennies from most d-i-y stores.
  5. Make sure that all your radiators are working properly, without any air locks, get into the habit of checking on a regular basis.
  6. Remember to set the timer on your boiler to suit your lifestyle, having plenty of heat and hot water in the morning and evening when you are around is the way to go.   There’s no point having the boiler blasting out heat when there’s no one at home!
  7. If you haven’t had it done for some time, then it’s maybe time to consider having a power flush, this will help to extend the life of your heating system and it’s less expensive than a new boiler.
  8. Install a ‘carbon monoxide‘ alarm to warn you of any leaks, you can’t see or smell carbon monoxide and it can be lethal.
  9. Get into the habit of turning your radiator valves on a monthly basis, so they don’t seize.

So remember, book your annual boiler service with us here at Watertite to maintain a happy and healthy boiler!

That’s all for now folks!