Customer Satisfaction?!

Should good customer service be everyone’s right?



Good customer service is the life blood of any business and if not it should be!  Never more so than in our industry of plumbing and heating.

Whether you are a retailer, service provider or installer it definitely pays to keep your customers happy with great service and after sales care.

The savvy homeowner now demands a greater level of service from their heating and plumbing engineer than ever before.  They look to the professional to advise on how to reduce their heating bills and improve their energy efficiency.

They rely on us as their trusted voice of authority in helping to guide them through the never ending minefield in choosing the right products to best suit their needs!

Whether it’s a straight forward service or repair to their existing boiler or whether they are looking to invest in a new system, they will be looking for guidance and support. Unknown

It’s also equally important for us to receive good customer service and support from our suppliers.  At times, we may need a good back-up sales support ourselves.  This is definitely something we take into account when advising our customers.

We want to know the company whose boiler we provide to our customer is going to be there for us if we need them.  So for us the important considerations are:-

  • Regular Contact
  • Product Knowledge
  • Good Customer Care
  • After Sales Support
  • Technical Support
  • How Complaints & Issues are dealt with

As a company we pride ourselves on our customer service and we take very seriously any complaints by our customers. No one likes to deal with complaints but it’s how they are dealt with that matters and defines your relationship with either your supplier or customer.

Any points a customer raises with us, we will look into it and do everything within our capabilities to rectify it and then look at ways so it never happens again.  By giving your customer and their complaint the time and attention they deserve, your customer can often leave with a happy feeling, knowing that their concerns have been taken seriously and that all is being done to resolve the issue.

As a business we know we provide a good reliable, friendly, professional  and efficient customer service, hence why our customers return to us year after year.

Being able to rely on us to turn up when they have arranged, to keep them informed of the outcome and our attention to detail, allows our customers to relax in the knowledge that they are being taken seriously and they are not just another number on a file.

Leaving customers satisfied is the best business strategy that your company can ever have and we will continue to strive to do just that!

Have a good week ahead!