During the Summer months

Getting your house in order …

Happy boiler

Like most of us, the Summer months are not only a time to enjoy the great outdoors but an opportunity to carry out those necessary repairs and essential maintenance at home.

Your central heating should be off over the Summer and many of us forget about the central heating but those of you out there who are sensible and using this time to get your ducks in a row will be looking to carry out boiler servicing, upgrades or completely new systems.

It really is better to get this work done while you don’t need the heating.  Can you imagine being without any form of heating during the cold Winter months knowing that you should have had that new boiler installed during the Summer as you had planned!

If your boiler is relatively new then it shouldn’t need replacing and will only require it’s annual health check and service.  We at Watertite recommend an annual service for all boilers, not only does it maintain your boiler warranty with the manufacturer but it is essential for the health and well-being of your boiler and will highlight any problems that could arise in the near future.

Think of your boiler as an engine, just like your car.  You service your car more than once a year, so the same should be said of your boiler.  By carrying out regular services on your boiler, you not only extend its lifespan, you reduce the need for costly repairs and you keep the boiler happy and healthy, not to mention the family by providing them with heat and hot water!

During the Summer it’s also a good time to have all your gas appliances checked and serviced.  We carry out something called a ‘Gas Safety Inspection‘, which is generally required by landlords but it is something that all of us should consider on a regular basis if we have a gas cooker, hob, fire and of course, boiler.

It is really important to have all your gas appliances serviced and checked on a regular basis, left unchecked they could leak harmful gases which could be dangerous.

So now is the time to arrange your annual health check, contact us here at Watertite if you want to make an appointment to have your boiler and gas appliances serviced and checked.

That’s all for now folks!