Energy Saving tips …..

During the Summer months …..

We should be looking at ways to save money on our household energy bills for the Winter.

It may be obvious to many but it is an ideal time to look at this continuing issue.  As energy costs continue to rise and our need to conserve energy for future, now is the time to take action, so why not follow some of these simple tips to reduce your costs.

  1. Insulate your tank and pipes – You don’t need an expert, or a lot of money to make your home more energy efficient.  For as little as £15 for a jacket for your water tank, could save you £45 a year on your energy bill.  Foam jackets for your pipes are another item that is relatively cheap and again will save you money.
  2. Old Boilers and TRV’s – Now changing your old boiler is not a cheap option, as you could expect to spend at least £2,000 to replace with a modern, highly efficient model but it could cut your energy bill by more than £300 a year. Also if you are wanting to save as much as possible it would be worth changing your ‘Thermostatic Radiator Valves’ (TRV’s). Today’s TRV’s are highly efficient and are definitely worth the cost of changing.  Speak to your local heating firm for a price.
  3. Loft insulation – If your loft or roof space hasn’t been insulated then it is definitely worth looking into this.  Depending on the type of space you have can depend on how you treat it.  Do you need it for storage or living space? If so you may need to consider a rigid insulation or insulating the roof instead.  Also do check for damp – if there is any evidence of damp, covering it over with insulation will only increase the problem and trap it in.  It may be worthwhile calling in the experts in this area (if in doubt).
  4. Floor insulation – Much the same as for lofts, just slightly more difficult but there are definite savings to be made.
  5. Dealing with draughts – Everyone knows the most common sources of draughts and your local DIY store will have all that you need to draught proof windows, doors etc.  Just remember not to seal up all the gaps, especially in rooms such as bathrooms and kitchen that need ventilation.
  6. Double glazing – Is another large job that will cost you but if you have old, ill fitting windows it might be the time to consider replacing with up to date double glazed ones. If you do have a listed property there are ways around any restrictions that might be in place, sadly it will mean more expense though!
  7. Regular annual boiler service – This is really a must for all of us to keep our boilers healthy and running as efficiently as possible.
  8. Consider switching providers – By using a money saving website you will find a provider who can offer you better terms than you are currently on.  It’s not as difficult as you might think, so take a look and you will be amazed at how much you could save.

By following our tips above, you could definitely save somewhere between £300-£500 annually on your energy bills, so don’t delay, set yourself a goal to this attended to before the long nights start to come in.

If you need to get ahead of the game and book a boiler service, give us a call here at Watertite and we’ll get you booked in.

That’s all for now folks!