Gas Hob & Oven Installation Bristol

Gas Oven Hob Installation Bristol

Why Choose Watertite Gas Hob & Oven Installation In Bristol

If you’re looking to replace your cooking appliances or install a new gas hob & oven, then you’ve come to the right place. At Watertite Plumbing & Heating in Bristol, we have a long track record of providing a market leading installation service and have gained a vast knowledge of transforming old systems to new with utmost efficiency and safety.

Wherever you are in Bristol, you can give us a call anytime to discuss your needs and requirements, and check if your home is ready for a gas hob and oven installation.

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Gas Hob & Oven Installation in Bristol

There are several factors that influence a homeowner’s decision when choosing electric or gas operated cooking equipment. A primary factor would be the required space allocation for each. Electric ovens are more suitable for smaller spaces, however, they can be more costly to operate and maintain.

Although more and more homes are switching to using electrical stoves, gas operated hobs & ovens are still the primary choice for anyone who takes their home cooking seriously. Some benefits of having gas hob and oven are:

  • Affordability – cheaper to buy gas fuel than pay for electricity use
  • Durability – proven to have a longer lifespan than electric appliances
  • Accessibility – could still be used even with a power outage
  • Temperature Control – gas flames can be accurately controlled by a knob
  • Even Heat Distribution – gas flames are situated at the centre, heating pans evenly


DIY Pre-Installation Needs

Before we head over to your home and install your new gas hob and oven, there are a few things we’ll need you to do first. These preparations will help our qualified engineers get your new appliance installed safely and with minimal fuss.

  1. Clear & Safe Space – having a gas hob and oven asks you to clear the space from flammable materials. Before we install your new appliance, make sure that there is enough space for the new equipment, and that it is free from any combustible materials.
  2. Electricity Provision – some gas hobs and ovens have ignition systems that require a minimal electricity supply. There must, therefore, be an accessible power outlet within 1.5m from the gas oven.
  3. Gas Supply – your gas hob and oven has two options for its gas supply. One is through an existing gas supply and the second is through an LPG. If you opt for the first option, there must be a 1.5m cooker point from the gas hob so we can build a new gas pipework. If you opt for an LPG, you must ensure that you are purchasing an appliance that is LPG-convertible.
  4. Ventilation – Gas safety regulations require ample ventilation where your gas appliance will be installed, such as a door and enough windows. If you have no access to ventilation, you might want to consider having an electric stove instead.


Comprehensive Gas Hob & Oven Installation and Replacement in Bristol

At Watertite Plumbing & Heating all our engineers are gas safe registered and the service they provide is completely comprehensive, including pre-assessment right through to post-installation testing. We make sure that our installation process complies to meet all the necessary legal requirements and we’ll provide you with all the necessary safety certificates to assure that your gas appliance is safe to use.

To guarantee ongoing safety, we will thoroughly test your new gas hob and oven before we sign off on the job, leaving you to enjoy the benefits of gas cooking at home.

If you need any gas appliances installed at your home, why not give us a call today on 01179 093 697.