Moving to Bristol and need a tradesperson?

When moving to a new city or town, how do you find the right tradesperson? ……

For all of us moving to a new city or town, it can take a long time to build a contact list of your local tradespeople.  How would you go about finding the right person for the job?

In cities across the country like Bristol there shouldn’t be a shortage of people to call on to help when needed.  It’s all about thinking logically, where might I find the right person for the job!

If you need a decorator, where should you go?  Well the first port of call should be neighbours or any friends you may have, who can recommend someone.  There is nothing better than a personal recommendation for a trade and who better than someone you know and trust.

Your other option might be to go to your local decorating store and I don’t just mean one of the large national chains, although they often have notice boards where different trades put their cards for all to see.  Why not consider a specialist, like Dulux Decorating Centre? They will be able to tell you the name of firms or individuals who are regular customers and have come highly recommended as well. There are 2 stores here in Bristol and definitely worth a trip too.

The same principles apply whether it’s a decorator you are after, an electrician or a plumber, even someone to cut your garden hedge. Try and find out where the local main suppliers are for materials, then pop and have a chat with them, they will know who has a good reputation around town and who to stay well clear of!  There are ways and means to find that all important help when it’s needed, especially when you are new to town!

We here at Watertite use a number of local business to supply us with our needs, our local building supplier in Horfield, Kellaway Building Supplies  carry a vast range of materials and they too would be a good source of information.

We all use search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing these days.  Don’t just pick the first name you come across, look into them further.  Check out their website if they have one, read the testimonials, check the reviews on sites such as Google+ or Freeindex.  These can all be indicators of the type of business  and if it’s what you’re after and does it fill you with confidence?

So just remember, just because you are new to town there is no reason why you should feel isolated and unable to find that all important person to do some work for you.  Most people whether they are a business or a local having some work done on their house, do not mind if you go up and ask if they would happily recommend that firm to you!  Be bold, it normally works every time!

That’s all for now folks!