Plumbing & Heating Regulations

Did you know? ……

The plumbing and heating industries are the most regulated trades of the construction industry and for those cowboys out there that do not comply with current building regulations, they are not only putting lives at risk but it can seriously impact on their businesses.

Believe it or not, a bathroom is also the most highly regulated room of the house, more so than the kitchen!

If you are installing a bathroom in a room where one did not exist before then it may be worthwhile to check out whether there will be adequate ventilation and drainage and it meets the requirements for structural stability, electrical and fire safety.

Generally, interior refurbishments do not require planning permission unless you are building an extension or you have a Grade I or Grade II listed property and plan to knock a few walls down!

If in doubt, it’s best to check with the planning authorities such as the ‘Planning Portal’¬†¬†this site will give you all the essential information you should need but if in doubt contact your local planning authority.

Also, you must remember when planning a new bathroom, you are in actual fact talking about 2 bathrooms!

There is the matter of the old one being removed, the area made good, adjustments to any relevant pipework, waste etc being attended to before you can even begin to install the new bathroom!

Unfortunately, for many of us, there can be difficulty in the interpretation and understanding of building regulations, that together with the lack of enforcement supporting the regulations can make life very difficult.

This can create another pressure of a different kind for genuine firms, like ourselves, here at Watertite Plumbers when competing with other contractors.

Some firms in Bristol may be a little more flexible and interpret the regulations differently! Which in turn could lead to a more competitive price which for a bona fide firm will make it impossible to match.

So remember when you are instructing a builder, plumber, electrician here in Bristol to carry out work for you, you should confirm with them exactly what they plan to do and if they are following the guidelines.

There really are no grey areas when it comes building regulations and you don’t want to be stuck up a gum tree should anything go wrong!

As in all things, preparation, preparation, preparation!

That’s all for now folks!