Power Flushing in Bristol

How do you know when your heating system needs a Power Flush? ….

Power Flushing Bristol

Power Flushing Bristol

Your local Bristol heating engineer may have recommended they carry out a Power Flush to your heating system and the reason for this would be to remove dirt, sludge and debris from the water that runs through your heating system.

Over time dirt and sludge build up and your heating system doesn’t run as efficiently as it should, this is especially true if it’s an older system and if you are located in a hard water area, such as Bristol.

Listed below are some of the symptoms you may be experiencing –

  • Cold radiators
  • Your boiler cutting out and making loud kettling noises
  • Dirty water, when bleeding your radiators
  • Erratic water temperatures
  • Lack of any heat, due to blocked pipes
  • Repeated boiler breakdowns

So if you do have any of these symptoms, then it might be time to consider a Power Flush.  Some companies insist on a power flush if you are on a maintenance contract with them before they will consider covering any parts needed on your boiler to repair its faults.

Without carrying out a power flush it may cause your radiators and heat exchanger to corrode and then leak and this can then cause severe damage to your boiler, resulting in expensive repairs, so it is something to consider most seriously.

Most heating engineers will recommend a power flush when installing a new boiler, this is to make sure that the new boiler has the very best chance of performing to it’s maximum ability.

Have a serious think whether it is the time to call in the professionals to sort out your heating system now before Winter takes hold? By contacting your local Bristol heating engineer it will give you and them enough time to carry out a Power Flush and get your system running at the optimum level.

We here at Watertite, regularly carry out power flushes for our customers, so if you are thinking about having one, give us a call and we will be happy to help.

That’s all for now folks!