Recommendations for a plumber

When recommended a tradesperson …

Super plumber

It has been said over the years that the economy always slows down when it’s an election year, how true that is, it’s really hard to say.

We at Watertite here in Bristol offer a service to our customers that generally isn’t or shouldn’t be affected by the economy or the political situation!  Although many customers often decide to delay those expensive projects until after the main event.

Most enquiries we get are often from customers who have an emergency, they have a leak or no hot water, the boiler has broken down, that’s when a plumbing business comes into its own.

These problems are considered emergencies and are essential to the smooth running of the family home. A plumber is definitely someone who will come to you through a recommendation by a friend, neighbour or a member of your family.

Finding someone you can trust and rely on to deal with your problems when they arise is easier said than done. By listening to someone close to you who has had a good experience of one of the trades, like a plumber, decorator or an electrician is always the way to go.

Traditional trades such as plumbers, electricians, decorators here in Bristol are plentiful but knowing the right one, may not be so easy. So the recommendation is definitely something to consider.

Check their website, look at any testimonials that are available, check out sites such as ‘Freeindex‘ and ‘Google+‘.  In other words, do your homework!  As in all things in life, preparation is key!

So if you’ve been recommended a trades person, here are some questions you might like to ask –

  • How did you find this trades person
  • Were they able to resolve your issues
  • Did they arrive when they said they would
  • Did they keep you informed along the way
  • What were their costs like
  • Where you satisfied with their service

As we’ve highlighted before in previous blogs, there are a number of ways to find the right tradesperson for you and sometimes it can be trial and error but don’t despair the right one is out there for you.

That’s all for now folks!