Storage Solutions ….

Is your bathroom desperate for storage solutions?

In today’s houses the bathroom is often the smallest room in the house which if that’s the case, leaves very little room for storage.

When faced with such a dilemma, you really need to start thinking out of the box in ways to resolve this problem.  There is nothing worse than an overly cluttered bathroom, it can become an animal out of control!

There are loads of storage solutions out there once you start looking, here are some ideas to give you food for thought!


Embrace Baskets

One of the simplest and cost effective solution would be baskets.  If you can accommodate them, a wall of matching basket to store all your toiletries, towels, bath toys and general family detritus make an ideal solution to the problem!

There are so many options available, that it will come down to how much space you have, how much you want to store and how much you want to spend!  Stores such as Ikea or online people like Amazon have a fantastic choices and you will find something to suit every criteria.Storage-Ideas-For-Small-Bathrooms-Bathroom-Storage-Ideas-Small-Bathroom-Storage-Cabinets-Floor

Lined baskets are also a good idea, as the linings can be taken out for washing which makes them ideal for anyone who may have allergies and for the environment.

Home for the toys

Again baskets whether they be metal or natural, although metal would be better to prevent rot from water, are ideal containers to keep all the children’s toys in one place, otherwise they will take over your bathroom and rather than having that relaxing spa like space for you when it’s your time for soaking in the bath!

Although you can get brightly coloured storage bags, they can end up making the room look messy and cluttered.

This picture below shows how it could be handled. c4c1316702126311_1597-w400-h560-b0-p0--coastal-bathroom It’s neat and tidy and more importantly it’s practical for everyone in the family.  The shelves at the sides can hold the 3 T’s! Toiletries, towels & toys!

By having easy storage solutions in a family bathroom, it means the toys can be tidied away after bath time allowing you to retrieve your adult sanctuary.

Displaying your towels

Having space to store your towels and not having to pay a trip to the airing cupboard every time you want a clean towel is such a luxury. magnificent-bathroom-small-bathroom-s-storage-small-bathroom-storage-ideas-with-photos-of-new-on-photography-ideas-small-bathroom-storage-cabinet If you have the space, fold or roll them neatly and pile them up, especially if they are all the same colour or in a coordinating colour, it looks smart and practical.  Other options for your towels would be either baskets or a ladder.

Built in storage

This option is ideal if you have the space and the budget to match.  If you are planning to refurbish a bathroom, take a long hard look at what would be possible in this space as it really is the most effective way to clear the decks and for everything to have a home!

To be able to create permanent storage solutions to store all your toiletries and cleaning materials, not to mention the ability to hide all the plumbing is a definite winner.

It doesn’t matter the size of the bathroom, there are storage solutions to suit every space and pocket.  The image above shows  how you can build in generous storage around the basin and bath.images-1

This picture opposite shows how neat it can be, especially useful in small tight locations.

Freestanding Storage

If you have the space, a freestanding piece of furniture can solve all your storage solutions, whether it’s a chest of drawers or a low bookcase, used in conjunction with storage boxes or baskets.

This picture shows an old piece of furniture which has been painted in an ‘on trend’ colour and can store a multitude of items.

Don’t be tempted to forget about the overall design scheme.  Treat the space just as you would your living space or bedroom.  Stick to a colour scheme that can work for the whole of the room, allowing you to add accessories, linens and ornaments to harmonise with each other.  Providing you with that tranquil spa like environment!

That’s all for now folks!