Guide to starting your home improvement project

What you should do ….

Not everyone is organised enough to realise that when you start a project, like a new bathroom or kitchen, either on your own or with a trades person, organisation is key. Once you’ve started the project it’s too late to make changes, especially if you have trades people on site waiting to crack on.

Some many customers think that it’s okay to make decisions or change their mind as you go along.  As a trade, we can tell you, there’s nothing more frustrating than a customer changing their mind half way through a project!

It can be difficult to know how much needs to be planned ahead of schedule and how much you can leave to the last minute.  All we can say is, that you need to have a plan and a clear cut vision in mind of the end result you are looking to achieve.

Mistakes are made and sometimes changes do have to be made, which is never easy but as long as you have planned for every aspect of the project and got all your ducks in a row, it should be possible for the work to go like clockwork.

Large projects like bathrooms and kitchens  can take months of planning, you may have to order in special items, there could be a long lead time for delivery on some items. Many companies provide a project manager to organise and run the work for you, this may cost a little extra but if you are pushed for time, it can be worth every penny!

So remember, if you are thinking of putting in a new kitchen or bathroom, give yourself plenty of time, do your research, gather all the information that you think you might need and more!

Here is a helpful check list to get you started –

  • Create a mood board
  • Make a list of what you want
  • Make a list of the suppliers for those items
  • Make a list of the trades needed to complete the work
  • Check delivery times
  • Make up a schedule of work
  • Approach your preferred contractors
  • Place your orders
  • Set your timetable in place
  • Draw up your contracts and confirm start dates

Remember organisation is key to all successful builds and projects, go through every single detail with a fine tooth comb to make sure you have covered every eventuality and with any luck you will have a stress free project and be thrilled with the end result!

That’s all for now folks!