Pros and Cons of Underfloor Heating


If you are thinking of installing ‘Underfloor Heating‘ (UFH) did you know that it has been around in some form or another for centuries across both Asia and Europe! Despite it being one of the most efficient forms of heating, just a very small percentage of homes and businesses benefit from radiant heating and cooling. Most consumers are under the misconception that it is only suitable for new-builds, this is definitely not the case anymore. Nowadays there are even more systems available and you don’t have to lose any ceiling height, before you would have had to either reduce your ceiling height or go to the expenses of digging up the floor to drop the level.

This is a underfloor heating project Watertite worked on a little while

STP60705ago, where we laid UFH in a newly converted barn.

The pro’s are simple:-

1 – It heats the contents of a room, not the air

2 – No draughts are created

3 – Aesthetically pleasing

4 – More energy efficient and lower running costs

5 – Can also provide a cooling system, if neededSTP60699

6 – The option to install in an isolated position

7 – The initial expense and labour may be more but thebenefits definitely outweigh the costs.





To install or not to install a ‘Wet Room’

Walk-In’ Showers, either as a Wet Room or a frameless shower screen are another trend that is definitely growing in the UK. Whenever someone is considering putting their home on the market, most agents are advising homeowners that the purchasers today are looking for a sleek, contemporary bathroom, like those seen in hotels nowadays and a fully equipped kitchen, these are the two rooms in the house that are deemed to make that sale pain free!


As the name suggests, there can be a number of issues to consider when installing a Wet Room

1 – Do you have good plumbing and drainage, as you don’t want water standing and pooling?

2 – The room will obviously be exposed to a lot of moisture without good ventilation and heating

3 – Are you able to lay a gradient floor, so that the water drains away naturally?

4 – Do you have the space to also lay UFH in the Wet Room, this will help to reduce moisture and condensation, there are devices now that will allow you to set a timer so that the heating will come on which will dry the floor quickly with the flick of a switch! Needless to say, proper, safe installation of UFH is paramount in a Wet Room!

5 – Great design possibilities

IMG_1032We at Watertite are frequently asked about the benefits of installing Wet Rooms and Under Floor Heating and we believe this will be the way forward in years to come, not only for new-builds but in all major renovations and refurbishments.


Have a good week ahead!