The benefits of Power Flushing

Making your pipes a priority ….


When installing a new heating system a power flush should be carried out as a matter of course and Watertite engineers try to convince our customers of the benefits of having this done but it does incur additional costs which many customers are reluctant to add too.

There will be some heating systems that have been in places for years and have never been flushed out and may be in a better condition than a system that’s only been in place for 5 years.

It all depends on how the system was installed in the first place and if the system was cleaned at the time.

It’s all very well installing a new boiler but what shouldn’t be forgotten is the radiators and pipework because these could have a huge impact on the efficiency of your new boiler.Watertite plumbing merchandise

A power flush may alleviate some problems, such a noisy boiler and pipes or erratic heat from rads and prolong the life of your boiler for a while longer, all for less than the cost of a new boiler!

Of course, there are no guarantees that carrying out a power flush will solve your problems.  It may be impractical due to the age and design of your system or low flow rates which can be caused by debris and contamination build up in your pipework.

In today’s market place where new boilers are super efficient, saving time and money for the consumer, it can’t be ignored the importance of carrying out a full system cleanse to keep an appliance running as efficiently and smoothly as possible.

Once the system clean has been carried out, a corrosion inhibitor should be added to the system, such as ‘Sentinel’  or Fernox limescale inhibitor to complete the process.

This addition is checked every couple of years when you have your annual service and your heating engineer will top it up for you.

It is essential to have your boiler serviced annually and system treatment checks on a regular basis as it not only improves efficiency and prolongs the life of the boiler but of all the water facing components of your system.

Another good reason to keep up with annual servicing is to maintain the warranty on your boiler.  All manufacturers will be keen to make sure that you have a full service record on boiler servicing, should anything go wrong with your boiler within the warranty period.

So performing a power flush still remains ‘best practice’ to ensure a comprehensive and effective clean of your system.

So if you are having problems with your boiler and think it might be time to have a power flush or system clean, give us here at Watertite a call.

That’s all for now folks!