Commercial Boiler Installation & Servicing Bristol

Commercial Boilers Bristol

Commercial boilers are classified as ones which have an input greater than 70kw. Anything below this is considered a domestic boiler, but for example if the heating and hot water supply for your business are run by a combination of two boilers with an input of 40kw, then this would be considered a commercial setup.

Commercial Boiler Installations

We provide commercial boiler installations for businesses across Bristol and the surrounding regions, be it a restaurant, hotel, shop, business park, office or factory. No matter how large your premises, we can install a commercial boiler for you.

Our qualified professionals will assess the gas pipes leading to your location and provide a tailored service in line with Gas Health and Safety Regulations. Of course, we can give you a free survey and quote before starting the installation so that you are fully aware of the process and associated costs.

Commercial Boiler Faults and Repairs

Should any faults occur with your boiler, we are on hand to respond as quickly as possible, and in such a way that your business is not disrupted as a result of the problem.

Once we have remedied any faults and carried out repairs, we will conduct full tests to ensure that your boiler is functioning properly and continue to provide aftercare for as long as is required.

Commercial Boiler Servicing and Maintenance

It is required that commercial boilers are serviced once a year to make sure they are working correctly. Doing this will also save you money in the long run as the servicing will make sure that your boiler is functioning efficiently and will catch any potential problems that could leave you without a working boiler before they become a problem.

Commercial Boiler Gas Safety Certificates

It is a legal requirement to have a gas safety certificate for your commercial boiler for the whole time it has been installed. We can provide certification upon installation if you choose to install your boiler with us.

This certificate is often required by insurers to cover your business, so having it will not only cover you from a legal point of view, but also make the whole bureaucratic process of setting up and running your business go much more smoothly.

If you already have a commercial boiler installed, we also offer the service to come out and check your boiler for you and provide certification for it if it passes the required tests.

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