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Watertite are not just Bristol plumbers! To help with the growing concern for dangerous gas situations we now offer a comprehensive Gas Safety Inspection to properties across Bristol, very similar to the Landlords Gas Safety Inspection. We can also issue a Gas Safety Certificate in the same manner, as well as offer solutions to any problems we may find. It is far better to be safe than sorry so call us to talk about a Gas Safety Inspection if you have not already done so.

Landlords Gas Safety Certificate Bristol

We carry out Gas Safety Inspections and issue Gas Safety Certificates for many landlords in Bristol and North Somerset who are confident that their properties will be kept gas safe for their tenants.

So, if you need a Gas Safety Inspection or Certificate in Bristol, contact us now:

Gas Safety Inspections & Certificates in Bristol

Two-thirds of people questioned by the gas safety watchdog admit to not having gas fires, boilers and cookers inspected after moving in, despite an overwhelming 94% saying they are aware of the threat posed by poorly maintained or incorrectly fitted appliances. As part of the London Trusts Carbon Monoxide Exposure & Neurological Symptoms (CENSY) survey, it was found that 4% of the homes inspected were found to have gas appliances rated immediately dangerous or at risk of causing CO poisoning.

Why you need a Gas Safety Inspection

Gas Safe and Corgi both state that gas appliances should be inspected every year. Manufacturers of gas appliances recommend that their appliances should be serviced every year. It is the law for a landlord to do this in their properties to ensure the safety of their occupants. However, it is not yet the law for the homeowner to do the same which means the normal home owner is more at risk as it is all too easy to forget or leave it for another time. Unchecked gas appliances can be dangerous. At Watertite Gas & Heating, we take gas safety seriously and recommend everyone have these inspections, not just Landlords.


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“Had a new boiler and radiator fitted and removal of the old system. The work was all very neatly carried out and great advice on the type of boiler I should go for. Have recommended their services to friends who were equally impressed. A very trustworthy company. Highly recommended.”

Robin Lam. Bristol (Gas safe boiler installation)

Watertite Plumbing & Heating have been rated 4.8 out of 5 based on 30 ratings for our plumbing, heating and inspection services.