CO Alarms legislation – Part 2

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81k9dffY-ZL._SL1500_Although the campaign goes on, the new measures do represent a step forward but critics warn they do not go far enough. The current legislation is only applicable to ‘Private Landlords’.

We must ensure that all properties are included in this legislation whether they are in local authority rented properties or if it’s privately owned. The dangers can be so great that we can not sit back and do nothing. The alarms are only required for properties that have solid-fuel appliances, it does NOT include any gas appliances surprisingly.

How many know the signs of carbon monoxide poisoning?


If you suffer from any of the symptoms in this diagram, call your local Gas Safe registered engineer and have your solid fuel appliances checked and get to the doctor’s immediately.


Energy Saving Thermostats


We at Watertite have been advising our customers for quite some time now that to get the best performance out of their heating systems and to conserve energy and costs they should consider updating their systems with the addition of one of the latest energy saving thermostats and programmers. Advances in technology in recent years has been tremendous and we are all keen to improve the efficiency of our heating systems as well as saving our hard earned money! These thermostats are so clever, they think like a home owner, they will turn down the heating automatically when no one is at home, they also act as programmers and will control the heating so instead of actually having off-times, it will re-set itself to a very low level to keep a warm heat coming through the house and the pipes warm in extreme temperatures. They also connect to the Wi-fi and can be controlled via your smart phone or tablet from anywhere in the world,should you so wish! Using one of these along with the latest thermostatic radiator valves will increase your level of efficiency and ultimately reduce costs.


Another way to conserve energy and cut down on your heating bills is to install the latest ‘Thermostatic Radiator Valves’. We at Watertite frequently get asked to do this for customers and it really pays off to buy the best quality you can afford. Their reliability and performance are exceptional and they can prolong the life span of your heating system. One of the most popular brands are Draytonwho produce a varied range that will suit most budgets.In Bristol we are known for having extremely hard water and this often causes the valves on your radiators to seize up, a useful tip ….. would be to turn your valves on and off at least once a week to keep them from seizing up.

That’s all for this week folks, have a good week ahead and enjoy Bonfire Night and be safe!