Gas Safety Week

Last month Gas Safe Register¬†were joined by members of parliament, industry leaders and campaigners to launch ‘Gas Safety Week 2015’ to bring awareness to the public on the benefits of having a ‘Gas Safe Nation‘. We at Watertite sent out a promotional email to all our customers offering a full Gas Safety Check or Boiler Service at special rates. I’m sure many of our fellow Gas Safe engineers were doing the same. Many consumers definitely got the message loud and clear that they could be putting their health and that of their families health at risk, not to mention their finances, by not getting their gas appliances checked.

By ignoring the health and efficiency of their gas appliances it could also seriously affect their finances, the implications of having to rectify problems caused by faulty and badly maintained gas appliances is immense. If caught early most problems can be resolved quickly and efficiently without costly repairs. More than one in six homes were found to have a dangerous gas appliance lurking in the shadows! With more than 185 emergency call out’s every day in 2014, we need to drastically reduce these numbers, it is totally unacceptable, especially when they can lead to over 300 injuries and 6 deaths in the year.

UnknownFor the cost of 75 pounds for a ‘Gas Safety Check‘ it is surely a small price to pay to keep your family safe and to prevent any problems from occurring. We here at Watertite send reminders to all our customers every year to remind them of the need to have their appliances checked and serviced. It’s not enough to just have a check, we need to service our appliances too, so that they can perform their functions safely and accurately and therefore eliminating any problems before they occur.

I know we all think items like boilers, fires, plumbing and roofs etc are boring and it goes against the grain to spend money on these items but unfortunately this is the downside of being a homeowner! It is in our own best interests to maintain our homes to the highest possible standards to keep the value up and to keep our families safe and well.

If you haven’t received a reminder from your local Gas Safe engineer, give them a call now and book an appointment for them to visit and check the health of your gas appliances, it is never too late to act. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Be safe and have a good week ahead.